• For a leading provider of genomic information tools, we recommended a new approach to managing the company's outreach to investors, including the hiring of additional communications staff, a shift in senior management responsibilities for communications and simpler corporate messages, resulting in a more effective investor relations program and a wider analyst and investor following.

  • For a large pharmaceutical company with substantial biotechnology interests, we developed and implemented a program to enhance the company's reputation as a desirable corporate partner. By sponsoring more industry events, hosting its first corporate partners conference and revising its corporate messages to the financial community to highlight the company's biotechnology capabilities and achievements, the company was able to demonstrate its commitment to biotechnology and its ability to create value for all stakeholders. The program resulted in additional partnering discussions and the creation of an office of alliance management to help ensure the success of its biotechnology collaborations.

  • For a development-stage biotechnology company with a rapidly growing product portfolio, we served as strategic communications advisor to improve the company's presentations to the financial community, focus its outreach to institutional investors and analysts, and clarify its plans for future fund-raising.